Our land: an organic area

The 32ha (79 acres) Grimaldi Estate is located on a 500mt (1640ft) high hill overlooking the valley, in the very heart of a 256ha (632 acres) fully organic area, from where you'll enjoy the sight of an absolutely authentic, unspoiled, rural countryside, surrounded by fields and woods of the Apennines mountains. Tenuta Grimaldi offers an immersive experience of relaxation and charm among the vineyards of Verdicchio di Matelica, whose beauty immediately catches the visitor. This rich and generous land has maintained over time its biological and landscape purity, its genuine quality, the goodness of its excellent products.

Past and future

This used to be an ancient settlement, where an imposing tower stood on top of the hill;  however nothing was left but a group of old houses, that were converted into: comfortable and cosy rooms, two storey suites with kitchenette, small and large independent apartments, and a SPA. Buildings were renovated based on the local rural style, and enhanced by the most modern criteria of green building and sustainability. Wood and plasterboard to lighten the structure in the floors, and partitions to maintain a minimalist imprint also characterized by stone and corten steel. These elements were combined to obtain a plain and elegant style, together with up-to-date safety measures, concerned both of seismic and energy issues. Our wine resort keeps its original size and proportions, thanks to an accurate reconstruction of the old farmhouse, with particular attention to modern working techniques. The infinity pool, the whirlpool and the bright and panoramic spa will allow you a fantastic view over the winding paths, the woods, the solitary oaks and the pleasant geometry of our vineyards that lead to the heart of the estate: our wine resort.

Our proposal: an immersive experience

The aim of our job is to offer you a pleasant stay throughout the year, with your body and soul regenerating at the inspiring contact with nature and the sight of a relaxing landscape, combined with all comforts of an urban facility. You may go for a walk under the clear, chilly sky in spring, or read your favourite book near a solitary oak, or take a well deserved break in our exclusive spa; Enjoy scents and colours of the environment surrounding you, especially during grapes harvest, in fall;  Visit our cellar, where you can taste our exclusive wine.