The farm

Tenuta Grimaldi

Grimaldi Estate is located in a 32ha (79 acres) farm, including fields, vineyards, oaks, woods and rural countryside, in our town Matelica, in the heart of Italy, by the river Esino, shielded by the Apennine mountains, and overlooking the valley where our wine Verdicchio di Matelica is produced.


Our wine is entirely produced by us, internally, in our farm. We named our farm after the area, now called TERRA DI MONDO, originally being TORRAMUNI, a 570mt (1870ft) high hill, where a medieval watching tower used to stand: It was meant to prevent enemies attacking, especially the near town Camerino, who wanted to have complete power over a main road (Flaminia) leading to Rome, hence strategically important. Camerino eventually won, and destroyed that tower too, whose foundations can still be seen close to our Estate.

The beginning

Our story begins in 2015 when Family Grimaldi, who has been working in construction for four generations, decides to take over the land where the estate now stands. On that land, that even then had organic crops such as sunflowers, wheat and emmer, stood the ruins of a small group of houses; the vision of the Family was namely to have those ruins become the heart of the estate. Then the crisis, also and above all of the construction business, had Federico and Alberto Grimaldi, with the help of their father Sauro, trying to diversify the family business. That’s how the ambitious project started, now transformed into reality, and managed by Federico and Alberto, who care both for local and international economy, when dealing with the excellence of our land. Initially 3 ha. (7.5 ac approx) of vineyard were planted, followed by as many, and after a few years there was a total vineyard area of about 8 ha. (20ac approx). Nothing was done by chance, thus coring of the soil was followed by studies of the pedological horizons, to evaluate the nature of the soils and grasp their ability to host the vine.